30 Exotic flowers to have in your garden

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. By Luther Burbank

Here you get an exotic collection of colorful flowers to have in your garden. If you are planning to decorate your home using these flowers, you can go for Ikebana flower arrangement,which uses flowers to make decorative centrepieces. Read about  8 Unique styles of Ikebana arrangements here.


This flower is commonly called Peruvian Lily or lily of the Incas or Parrot lily. A native of South America, this flower is regarded as the flower of friendship. Alstroemeria flowers bloom during late spring or early summer.


2.Camellia japonica or Japanese camellia

This is a very popular flower in the genus camellia. It is commonly called the Rose of winter. Japanese Camellia is the official flower of Alabama. This flower possess brilliant symmetry and strikingly similar to a rose flower.

Camellia Japonica


This flower comes in a variety of shape and sizes and in different colors. They are native to Asia and northeastern Europe. Crysanthemums are tropical flowers.



Daisy or common daisy is one of the commonly found flowers on earth. They are native to north and central Europe. This flower symbolizes innocence and purity. More details from Encyclopaedia Britannica – Daisy flower.



Dahlia flowers are native to Mexico. There are over 40 species of dahlia flowers. They bloom in different colors and sizes, with one flower head per stem.



Dandelions are native to North America. The flower gets its name from the French word dent-de-lion, meaning lion’s tooth.


7.Dendrobium Smilliae

This beautiful flower is commonly found in Australia. Also known as Bottlebrush Orchid.

Dendrobium Smilliae


There are numerous varieties of dianthus, so that there is one suited for every garden.  They are native to Europe and Asia. Most popular varieties of dianthus are Carnations, Sweet William and Cottage Pinks. Read more here : Plant care guide about Dianthus from plant.org


9.Drumstick Allium

Drumstick allium is one of the summer blooming alliums. The blooms are egg-shaped, and are red-purple in color.

Drumstick Allium


Echinacea is a beautiful flower having medicinal properties. It helps in improving immune system. These are summer blooming flowers. Get more info about Echinacea flower from Missouri Botanical Garden.


11.Galanthus Nivalis

This is the best known flower in galanthus genus. Commonly called snow drops, these flowers bloom during spring season.

Galanthus Nivalis

12.Gerbera Daisy

This flower resembles daisy and is commonly known as African daisy. Gerbera is widely used as a decorative flower, owing to its attractive appearance. They are native to South America, Africa and Asia. More facts about Gerbera daisy from BHG.com.

Gerbera Daisy

13.Grass of Parnassus

This flower is also known as bogstar. The plant is not a grass, and the flowers bloom from July to September. The flower is named after Mount Parnassus in Greece.

Grass of Parnassus

14.Lily of the valley

These flowers have very strong, sweet fragrance during spring time. The tiny, white colored, bell shaped flowers spread easily and are very eye-catching.

Lily of the Valley


This flower is popular as a decorative flower and a cut flower. The plant can be grown indoors. Lisianthus blooms during summer and fall.



Growing lupines in your garden means a garden full of vibrant colors, such is the attractiveness of lupines. This is a short lived perennial commonly found in the United States.



Narcissus is a genus of perennial plants that blooms during spring. They are commonly called daffodils. The flowers are white or yellow in color. These flowers are native to the Mediterranean region.Read more here:  Narcissus facts from flowers.org.



The flowers in orchid family are very colorful and most of them are fragrant. These flowers represent beauty at its best and is a must have member in every garden. Check out what American orchid society say about what to do with orchids. 



These gorgeous flowers are widely used for decorative purposes such as in making floral garlands, wedding bouquets etc. This flower is also known by the name Frangipani. Plumeria flowers possess an enticing fragrance. They also form excellent cut flowers.


20.Pom Pom Dahlia

These are slightly smaller than the usual dahlias and are ball shaped, sometimes perfectly round.

Pom pom Dahlia


This plant is grown in every garden because of their colorful and attractive flowers. Poppies are commonly found in the Mediterranean region. Check this amazing article from bbc about why this poppy ?


22.Purple Allium

These flowers form a 3 inch wide globe full of purple flowers. They stand out in any garden owing to their appearance. This flower is also known as Persian Onion.

Purple Allium


Ranunculus are known for their brilliant colored flowers. The image shown here is that of buttercups, which flowers during spring time.


24.Rudbeckia Hirta

This is one of the most popular wild flowers grown in home gardens. Rudbeckia hirta is commonly known as Black-eyed Susan. They are native to North America.

Rudbeckia Hirta


These flowers are called snapdragons because of their resemblance to the face of a dragon. They are good to grow both indoors and outdoors. They grow easily in all gardens under all climates.Here you get more information about snapdragon from Cornell university.


26.Spoon Daisy

This flower is also known as African daisy or Cape daisy. They can be easily identified by their distinct spoon shaped petals. They prefer warm and sunny climate.

Spoon Daisy


These flowers are called lipsticks of garden because they make your garden beautiful with their wide array of colors. They grow best in regions with dry summers and cold winters. Learn more about tulips here- tulip facts for kids.



Also called speedwell, this is an easy to grow perennial plant. The flowers are in the form of 1 to 3 feet tall spikes, with small petals, that are blue, pink, purple or white in color. They blooms from spring to autumn.



Viola or Violets are a genus of plants with spring blooming flowers. They are native to northern hemisphere. They grows best in moist and slightly shaded conditions.



Zinnia flowers are colorful flowers coming under daisy family. They are native to South America. Small zinnias are suitable for growing in containers as well. Get more info about Zinnia here from Chicago botanical garden – The hardest working flowers in summer.


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