KOKEDAMA – 27 Japanese moss ball garden ideas

Are you looking for awesome ideas to decorate your home with some hanging plants.? Ok then lets revive an ancient Japanese art of decorating the home using moss balls and houseplants, knows as “KOKEDAMA“.

Kokedama- is a form of Japanese bonsai using a mixture of moss and clay ball, and it can be hung in your living room to add decoration.

This form of interior decorating idea is very famous in Japan and nowadays its getting popular everywhere, because it is an awesome small garden idea for those who would love to pursue gardening in a very small space. It is commonly know as Japanese string garden.

Choose some flowering plants with enticing colours. Here we have 33 weird but really awesome flowers. This amazing collection include exotic flowers like orchids, tulips.

Let me give you an idea about how can we start making such a creative decor to decorate your home and at the same time do indoor gardening.

Materials required:

  1. Small plants; if it is flowering one , then its an awesome choice.
  2. Peat soil and Bonsai soil in 7:3 ratio. Bonsai soil is called “akedama” in Japanese
  3. Dry mosses to decorate and cover the clay ball.
  4. Gloves, mixing bowl, water, waxed string and scissors.

All these materials can be purchased from nearby nursery stores or you can shop online through Amazon or eBay.

Lets do it: (step by step procedure)

  1. Step 1: Decide the location where you want to place or hang the kokedama string garden.
  2. Step 2: Main ingredient for the moss ball are peat soil and akedama soil mixture. This is clayey soil, when watered it sticks very well. Mix these two in 7:3 proportion with sufficient amount of water. Water should be added to maintain a sticky consistency. Then start making clay balls.
  3. Step 3: Once clay balls are ready, cover it up with dry mosses and keep it for some time to stick to the clay ball. Use water sprayer to spray water.
  4. Step 4: Now you can pierce a hole in the clay ball and then plant your  small plant there. Choose the right flowering plant to add extra decoration. Orchids are best choice to give this garden an exotic feel.
  5. Step 5: Cut the waxed strings ( measure the length you require for your string garden) Then wrap it around the moss ball.
  6. Step 6: Fix a clamp on the wall to hang this string garden.

Hurray…. We are done . Now lets admire the beauty of the kokedama string garden.

Here I have some photo inspirations about how to do this creative decorating stuff.

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Succulent moss ball

Asparagus fern in sheet moss

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Japanese moss ball with Peace Lily

Hanging moss planter

Green moss balls

Now, how about the maintenance of this string garden?? Here are few tips to be noted down:

  • Needs to be watered once in a week, depending on the type of plants you select for kokedama garden. If you are choosing orchids or such flowering plants, you may need water more frequently. Watering can be done by using a water sprayer or you can detach the string garden from the clamp and then dip slightly in water so that enough amount of water gets soaked in.
  • Should not expose this to direct sun, because  mosses that we used to cover the clay ball will get dried off very easily.
  • Make sure no insects or bugs form their nests in this moss ball, those insects will kill the small plants.

Are you inspired by seeing this creative idea to start your small garden and decorate your home?? Let us know your suggestions and experience in the comment box below. We are eager to hear from you all :D :D :D. Are u looking for more ideas to decorate home your moss, then lets take a look at 7 indoor moss garden ideas to decorate home.

2 thoughts on “KOKEDAMA – 27 Japanese moss ball garden ideas”

  1. I loved your display of hanging gardens and am inspired to make some. I live in an old carraige house with a south facing window that has a porch roof so sunlight is not direct. I was given a moss plant as a gift which is doing well in this location and would like to add more

  2. .Beautiful. I love this. I have made two but they are very rudimentary. With a weekend foraging moss, I can redo the hoya x 2, and perhaps try my orchid and a few succulents. Under a tree, the horas go have thrived this summer, despite drought, and did well inside for 6 months prior. There are some pretty spectacular ideas here. I am excited to improve upon my methods, having more refined hanging kokedama. I also wish to try a table top one. Instagram has z few sights, aĺ table kokedama, and they are quite unique too. Thanks for such a well executed instruction sight.


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