21 Cute tiny cactus decor gift ideas

Are you looking for some unique gift ideas for your loved ones during this holiday season? Here we have a unique gift idea to try it yourselves or get it from decor shops. Tiny cactus decors are awesome piece of decors which you can gift to your loved ones.

If you are creative enough and a DIY enthusiast, this idea is an ideal choice to try it out as it is very easy to make and materials are very easily available.

Wooden garden succulent planter

How to make a tiny cactus decor:

First step for tiny cactus decor is to choose a tiny pot which you love the most. Choose the one which is tiny, cute and colorful, so that it will catch the attention. These tiny pots or planter are available from online stores like etsy.com or amazon.com. If you have a home decor store nearby then it best place to look for some unique and colorful pots.

Succulents in unique pots

Ball shape pots with succulents

Succulent ceramic planters

Second step in making this decor is choosing tiny cactus or succulent plants. Remember, all cactus plants are succulents whereas all succulents are not cactus.  So carefully choose a mix of cactus or succulents for making this awesome decor. Here we have a list of 10 plants that we recommend for this tiny and cute decor.

Dudleya : The plant looks like a beautiful flower. The fleshy rosettes of this variety have a powdered appearance. To be kept in areas having good sunlight.

Graptopetalum : The plumb rosettes mounted over one another gives this plant a rich look. The rosettes are thick and fleshy.

Agave ‘Blue Glow’ : This is a hybrid variety of agave. The rosettes are blue-green in color with red or yellow borders. These borders are visible when placed in full sunlight.

Zebra Cactus : These succulents have thick pointed dark green leaves similar to aloe plants. The leaves have distinct white stripes at regular intervals and hence the name. Mostly used indoors and are very attractive.

Lace Aloe (Torch plant) : This succulent has thin pointed leaves. It comes under the category of dwarf aloes. It has white markings on leaf surfaces.

Burro’s Tail : This succulent is an excellent indoor plant, particularly suited for hanging baskets. It has a thick stem, beaded with small fleshy pointed leaves. Burro’s tail is green to gray green in color, with a powdery look.

Mamillaria : The genus mamillaria is one of the largest in cactus species, with over 200 varieties. Most cacti under this genus possess spherical shape with lots of thorns and fleshy interiors; and with attractive flowers.

Hens and Chicks : These groups of succulents are called so because of their ability to produce numerous baby succulents. They look like green roses made of rubber. They are mostly preferred for growing indoors.

Echeveria : This genus of succulents comes under Crassulaceae family. Rosettes are pinkish lavender in color with attractive bright pink borders.

Lithops cactus : These plants are often called living stones because of their pebble-like appearance. They possess bulb shaped leaves that appears to be fused together with hardly any stem.

Since these plants are from desert eco-system, they need very less maintenance and it will last for very long period. Choose the right potting soil, and do not over water these plants. It is good to use sphagnum moss or pebbles to cover the potting soil. If you would like to know more about succulent decors:-  DIY for how to make succulent terrarium 

Mount this awesome decor on your refrigerator door,  Isn’t it an amazing piece to decorate your kitchen?

Golf ball wall-mounted mini planters

Place it on Windowsill:

These succulents can be arranged on the windowsill like the one shown below. Make sure to use good potting soil and have a proper drainage holes so as to avoid water logging.

Rectangle planter with succulents

Ceramic plant pots with bamboo tray

Ceramic plant pots with bamboo saucer

Place it on table top:

Arranging these tiny succulent on a dish like one shown below forms an amazing table top centrepiece.

Vertical succulent planter

Round ceramic succulent planter

Small succulent planter box

Cacti in small clay pots

Snowflakes glazed porcelain pots

Green succulent pots

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DIYs for tiny succulent decor pots:

Clay pot DIY for succulent decor from Rachel,

Brown egg design for pots

Garden glazed pot

Mount it on wall:

These tiny cactus decors can be wall mounted as well as shown in images below.

Round glass wall vase planter

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Let us know which photo inspiration excited you the most. Have a great holiday season.

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