Are Coffee Grounds Good For Christmas Cactus?

Are Coffee Grounds Good For Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus, native to the rainforests of Brazil, is a popular succulent that produces festive flowers during the holidays, hence its name. It can tolerate drought better than most plants because it can store water in its leaves and stems for use during dry spells.

This plant is often gifted over the Christmas period because of its timely blooms, but also because it is low-maintenance and needs very little care and attention to thrive. It is perfect for beginner plant collectors because growing it is not a huge responsibility.

And, while some plants like to be fertilized with coffee grounds, is the Christmas cactus one of them?

In this article, we will discuss the effects of coffee grounds on your Christmas cactus and whether or not it is a good idea to use them.

If you are thinking about giving this planting hack a try and want to learn more, just keep reading.

Are coffee grounds good for Christmas cactus?

Yes, coffee grounds are good for your Christmas cactus. Just like many other plants that reap benefits from them, the Christmas cactus can get lots of nutrients from coffee grounds when they are added directly to the soil.

Some plants are fine with the coffee grounds mixed in with the compost before it is added to their soil, but the Christmas cactus is a small plant and does not need compost in its soil.

It would prefer that you add the grounds directly onto the soil around it.

Some plant owners have even claimed that coffee grounds can be used to revive a dying Christmas plant.

If you are a coffee lover and have leftover grounds after your morning cuppa, you can use these to provide your plant with its required potassium and nitrogen. Coffee does not lose all the nitrogen and potassium it contains when it goes through the brewing process, and the nitrogen in the grounds can actually improve the structure of the soil in the plant’s pot.

Coffee grounds can also help a Christmas cactus to bloom by providing the plant with the boost it needs.

How will I know if my Christmas cactus needs coffee grounds?

The most obvious reason you might need to give your plant coffee grounds is if you notice signs of a nutrient deficiency.

One of the primary symptoms of a Christmas cactus that is lacking nutrients is a yellowish discoloration of the leaves. The leaves will also become quite sensitive and will die easily.

Coffee grounds can help your plant in this situation by acting as a fertilizer or helping to balance the pH level of the soil.

How do I use coffee grounds on my Christmas cactus?

Of course, a big part of ensuring that your plant benefits from the coffee grounds is knowing the correct way to incorporate them into the soil around the plant.

You cannot just dump the grounds into the soil directly from your coffee maker. Rather, you need to spread the wet grounds on a plate first, so that they can dry out.

If you place moist coffee grounds directly on the soil, this can encourage the growth of mold and will probably do your plant more damage than good.

When the grounds have dried out, transfer them to a dry container until you are ready to use them on the plant.

To apply the coffee grounds, you can add the dried grounds into the water you are about to give the plant, or you can simply sprinkle the dried grounds around the plant and mix them into the soil.

When do I give my plant coffee grounds?

The Christmas cactus actually does not need to be fertilized very much, so the same goes for giving it coffee grounds. Be very careful about how much you give the plant because you do not want to overfeed it.

Apply the coffee grounds every two weeks, at most, and do not give it fertilizer at the same time.

Refrain from giving the plant coffee grounds just after repotting it, and stop feeding it for a couple of months after flowering.

Why can I not fertilize the plant right after bringing it home from the store or after repotting?

You should not give the plant coffee grounds or any kind of fertilizer after buying it or repotting it, because the fresh soil in the pot is still rich and full of nutrients. This means that the addition of coffee grounds or fertilizer will be too much for the plant and may even lead to its death.

Wait until the plant has been in the same potting mix for at least 12 months before fertilizing it.


Yes, coffee grounds are great for your Christmas cactus, because they can provide the plant with the nitrogen and potassium that it needs to survive and flourish.

However, make sure that you do not put the coffee grounds in the soil directly from the coffee maker. You need to dry them out first. Wet coffee grounds on the soil can cause mold to grow, and this might cause damage to the plant.

Give the plant coffee grounds every two weeks, especially when its flowering season is close. Do not give it coffee grounds after it has finished blooming, when you have just brought it home from the store, or right after repotting it.

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