Are Succulents Safe for Bearded Dragons?

Are Succulents Safe for Bearded Dragons?

It is very important to consider the possibility of our pets biting or eating the plants in our home before we decide on getting the plant. There are succulents that are toxic when ingested by certain animals. Reptiles are becoming more and more common as household pets, and one of the most popular reptile pets is the bearded dragon.

They are popular because they do tend to be quite docile around humans, making them great companions. In this article, we will discuss the succulents that are perfectly safe for your lizard to eat.

Are all succulents safe for bearded dragons to eat?

No, there are succulents that you should keep far away from your bearded dragon, or even consider getting rid of completely. The succulents that need to be kept out of your dragon’s reach are the euphorbia, amaryllis, kalanchoe, and the jade plant.

Which succulents are safe for bearded dragons?

Sedum morganianum

This plant is also called the burro’s tail. They are great for interior decorating, especially if they are in a planter. They can also add beautiful texture to your outdoor garden.

These plants do not like direct sunlight but will thrive in a shaded area. They can get sun damage if placed directly under the sun. This plant also cannot tolerate frosty conditions, so make sure you bring them indoors during the winter.

This is non-toxic and safe to be around your dragon.


This plant is also known as ‘hen and chicks’. These plants are non-toxic to your dragon, and come in many different colors. They can reproduce efficiently and are very easy to care for. They prefer being in the shade or in filtered shade, which makes them great as both indoor or outdoor plants. They can survive in extreme temperatures, even in the cold.


These plants are also called little rocks because they can be easily mistaken for rocks or pebbles. Their colors are also similar to rocks making them blend even more in nature. This succulent is very resilient and will grow well in your outdoor garden.

They can live under the sun and are also safe for bearded dragons. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the lithops themselves, because bitey animals are going to disfigure their naturally beautiful shape.

X pachyveria

This succulent is safe not only for bearded dragons, but for most pet. It is a hybrid between the Echeveria and the Pachyphytum. They come in the colors violet to green when grown properly. They do well in outdoor gardens and they actually prefer direct sunlight.

They do not do well in the winter, so you might have to take them indoors when the time comes. Their vibrant colors make them very appealing to your bearded dragon.


The Echeveria is one of the most popular succulents in the world. This is because they are easy to propagate and to care for. They are also non-toxic to pets, including bearded dragons. These plants thrive in the outdoors and are able to tolerate the hot sun.

The variety of colors that they come in will also bring color to any garden.


These succulents are non-toxic and they make for great indoor plants. They do not need too much sunlight and actually do better in low light. There are plenty of types of Haworthia which come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to give them more water than they need. Overwatered plants can get root rot and make them susceptible to fungal problems. Make sure you plant them in appropriate soil and a well-draining pot.


Another plant that is safe to keep around bearded dragons is the schlumbergera. It is a low maintenance plant that is tolerant of different climate conditions. They are ideal for planters and hanging pots.

The schlumbergera prefers an indirect light source and their soil to be soaked with water when they do need to get watered. Be sure not to overwater this succulent, just like the others. It is a tough succulent that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Apparently, this plant is quite tasty to our reptilian friends.


This type of succulent comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. They vary between two inches and three feet in height. They come in a rainbow of vibrant colors that will surely light up any room they are in.

This plant has been known to survive both very hot and very cold weather which makes them easy to look after and to propagate.


This plant has strikingly beautiful star-shaped flowers. This cactus can be a great addition to your garden. Its flowers can come in the colors purple, yellow, and red. Interestingly, the flowers can have different scents depending on the plant.

The smell can either be sweet like most flowers, or putrid, which is not common amongst flower scents. These plants prefer filtered sunlight and they are not able to tolerate winter cold. You may need to take them into your house during the season, which will not be a problem for your dragon because it is completely safe to be ingested by them.


The moment you get a pet, they become a part of your family. Their needs should be prioritized above your wants. If you really want to get a certain succulent, be a responsible pet owner and do your research to make sure that that plant will not be toxic if ingested by your pet.

Bearded dragons can be curious creatures and will probably take a bite of the plants in your house. So if the plant you really want to get is toxic to your dragon, the choice you make should be easy and always for the safety of your pet.

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