9 Best Plants For Office with No Windows

People who work nine-to-five jobs spend most of their week inside the office. And, if your house is a relaxing oasis with plenty of plants and greenery, why should your workplace be any different?

Plants bring a certain level of calm to any space they occupy. Some can even purify the air, which is a plus, especially considering the recycled air in the confines of an office.

One of the issues people face when bringing plants into the office is the lack of sunlight, but did you know that there are plants that can actually survive with very little light?

In this article, we will list the best plants for an office with no windows and very little natural light. So, if you are planning on adding a pop of color to your office but are not sure which plants will thrive, just keep reading.

9 best plants for office with no windows

1. Snake plant

Snake Plant
Image: istockphoto.com / Grumpy Cow Studios

The snake plant is often dubbed the unkillable plant because of its ability to tolerate conditions that most plants cannot. It can live through drought and low light conditions and still thrive, which is why it makes a great office plant.

This low-maintenance plant has tall, fleshy leaves that give it the signature appearance loved by plant enthusiasts, and it can make any office space brighter.

There are also plenty of variegated varieties of snake plant so you can have multiple plants without being redundant.

Snake plants will do just fine in an office with no windows; all you have to do is to make sure you let the soil in the pot dry out between waterings. To check this, simply touch the top two inches of soil in the plant’s pot to see if it is dry. If the soil is dry to the touch, water the plant, but if the soil is still damp, wait one or two days before checking it again.

Another reason snake plants are a great choice is because they typically only need to be repotted every three to five years. They are also inexpensive and quite easy to procure.

2. Non-variegated monstera

Images: istockphoto.com / Kseniia Soloveva

The Monstera has become one of the most popular plants in recent years, with its image appearing all over sites like Pinterest and Instagram. These plants are definitely the “it” plants at the moment, and the non-variegated varieties can actually make great options for dimly-lit offices.

One such variety is the Monstera deliciosa, with its huge, lush leaves that bring a tropical touch to any space. This plant looks great in the corner of a room.

If you only want a Monstera to place atop your table, there are varieties that are small enough for that, too.

These plants grow quite slowly and only need to be watered once a week. They also only need to be repotted every two to three years.

There are many varieties of Monstera, and the non-variegated ones are plentiful and relatively affordable.

3. Pothos

Image: istockphoto.com / andykazie

The Pothos plant is another low-maintenance plant that can tolerate being kept in an office with no windows. Even when given little care and attention, it can thrive and grow quickly. It is also easy to propagate, so you can have an office filled with greenery in no time.

The non-variegated varieties of Pothos are the ones that do better in low light conditions. Variegated varieties can lose their cream or yellow variegation when they do not get enough light, so keeping them in an office for their color may all come to naught.

Water the plant every one to two weeks provided the top two inches of the soil in the pot are dry.

Because these plants grow quickly, they will need to be repotted more often than most plants, so you will need to be vigilant about that.

They are available in most stores and are not expensive at all, so getting hold of them will not be a problem.

3. Spider plant

Spider Plant
Image: istockphoto.com / Adkasai

The spider plant is so named because of how the leaves hanging off the plant resemble spiders. This plant also requires very minimal care and attention which makes it perfect for the office.

As with most plants on this list, you only need to water the spider plant when the top two inches of soil are dry to the touch. This plant does appreciate a little more humidity than most, so you might need to mist the leaves every once in a while to help it out.

This plant is a relatively fast grower so you will probably have to repot it at least every two years.

It is easy to find and will not cost much, because it is so easy to propagate and grow.

4. Prayer plant

Prayer Plant
Image: istockphoto.com / razyph

If you want a little more color on your office plant, the prayer plant is a great choice for you. This plant’s colorful leaves will fold upwards and against each other, resembling a pair of hands in prayer, hence the plant’s name. This happens every night, or when the plant needs to be watered, or when the temperature is a little high.

Water the plant once a week and do not let the soil dry out completely because the plant appreciates slightly moist soil.

This plant does not grow that fast, but its growth can be sped up with fertilizer. Just remember not to fertilize the plant during the fall or winter when the plant is dormant.

5. Chinese evergreen

Chinese Evergreen
Image: istockphoto.com / artpritsadee

The Chinese evergreen is another plant that needs little help to grow. Its leaves also come in different color combinations, so you can have several Chinese evergreens in your office.

Not only can this plant tolerate low light; it can also handle low humidity and drought. So, if you happen to forget to water it for a few days, it should have no problem bouncing back.

Check the top two inches of soil before watering the plant, which should be every one to two weeks. Repotting is typically required every two years.

These plants are inexpensive and are available from most suppliers.

6. Peace lily

Peace Lily
Image: istockphoto.com / Helin Loik-Tomson

The peace lily is a beautiful flowering plant that does well in artificial light, which makes it a great office plant.

Just keep the soil in the plant’s pot slightly moist at all times and everything else should be easy, care-wise. It might need to be misted occasionally because it does like humidity more than most other plants. Fertilize it once a month during the growing season of spring and summer.

This plant is quite common so you should have no problem finding it. It may need to be repotted once a year, so watch out for signs of an overcrowded pot, such as stunted growth and wilting leaves.

7. Peperomia

Image: istockphoto.com / Vladimir1965

The Peperomia is another tropical plant, sufficiently low-maintenance that even novice gardeners can grow it. There are many different varieties of Peperomia, and all of them can tolerate the artificial lighting inside offices.

Water the plant only when the soil in the pot has dried out in order to prevent overwatering. Watering is typically required every two weeks because the plant has fleshy leaves that can store plenty of water in case of drought.

Peperomia under artificial light will not grow as quickly as those under natural sunlight, so repotting is infrequent at every two to three years.

These plants are easy to find, both in physical stores and online.

9. Aloe vera

Aloe Vera
Image: istockphoto.com / Sundaemorning

Aloe vera is succulent and is commonly thought to be a plant that enjoys plenty of sun, which is true. But did you know that Aloe vera actually does quite well even in an office with no windows?

As with all succulents, aloes are sensitive to overwatering, so make sure you only water your plant when the soil is completely dry. They have thick, fleshy leaves that can store plenty of water, so even if you forget to water the plant for a few weeks, it will be perfectly fine.

Aloe vera grows slowly, so you will not need to repot it very often. It is inexpensive and widespread, and you could get your hands on one today if you wanted to.


The myth that all plants need natural sunlight in order to thrive should be long forgotten. There is an abundance of plants of different shapes, sizes, and colors that can grow under the artificial lighting of an office with no windows.

These plants are usually low-maintenance and need very little care and attention, while still providing a dreary office with a much-needed punch of life and color to help get you and your co-workers through the working week.