Njoy Plant Care And Propagation

Njoy Plant Care And Propagation

Njoy pothos plants have heart-shaped leaves whose intense green color is variegated with cream or yellow. They have smaller leaves than most pothos plants, grow up to nine inches tall, and trail or climb up to 10 feet. Their botanical name is Epipremnum aureum njoy, and the intensity of their variegation depends on how much light they get. Bright conditions produce prominent variegation, while plants in darker conditions will have straight green foliage. 

Njoy plant care and propagation 

Njoy plant care 

Njoy thrives in areas with bright, indirect light or partial shade. Do not expose them to direct sunlight, as this could damage their leaves. Low light, on the other hand, causes the variegation to fade. These plants can also survive under only fluorescent light, which makes them a good choice for offices.  

These plants require little water to survive. Water them when the soil is dry to around one inch deep, and reduce watering during winter. Do not overwater, as this could encourage the development of root rot. Ideally, mist the plants or place them in areas with higher humidity. 

Do not allow the plants to sit in water for extended periods. Discard excess water that accumulates at the bottom of your pots to avoid root rot. 

Njoy plants like well-draining potting mix and thrive in soil that has equal parts peat and perlite. Repot them if they become rootbound, taking care not to damage the root ball. The pots you use must have drainage holes at the bottom to allow excess water to run out. If you plan to move your plants to a new potting medium, it is best to do it while the roots are still small, to give them time to adapt.  

These are low-maintenance plants; only prune them when they become leggy or to maintain a desired size. Wipe the leaves with neem oil or rubbing alcohol monthly to remove dust and reduce pest infestation. Njoy plants rarely bloom, and are better known for their foliage. 

Fertilize your Njoy to provide the necessary nutrients. However, when growth slows during wintertime, stop fertilizing the plants. 


Njoy plant propagation 

These are the common methods of propagating Njoy plants:

1. Water propagation

First, you need to identify a section of vine with some nodes, which is where the leaves and roots grow out of the stem. Cut about a quarter-inch below a node using a pair of clean scissors. Include the node on the cutting, as that is where the roots will sprout from. 

Put the cutting in a jar of room-temperature water, with at least one node under the water’s surface. If there are leaves under the surface, remove them from the cutting. Put the jar in a location that has bright, indirect light, and top up the water when the level gets low. Replace it completely after a week to keep the water clean. 

Tiny roots should develop in the first to second week, but it will take a few more weeks before the roots are long enough to transfer the cutting into fresh potting mix. Once the cutting has been transferred, you can water it and care for it as you would any other plant. 

2. Propagating in potting mix

Take your cutting in as described above, by identifying a section of vine with a few leaves and nodes. Cut about a quarter-inch below the node, which should be included in the cutting so that new roots can grow from it. Plant the cutting in a small container filled with moistened potting mix, making sure that at least one node is buried. Do not bury the leaves; remove them from the buried node if necessary. 

Put the cutting in an area that gets bright, indirect light. Place a clear plastic bag over the top to seal in humidity, but remove it daily to let in some fresh air. The potting mix should be kept moist but not wet; you can do this by misting it.

It will take a few weeks before a new root system develops. You can test this by giving the cutting a gentle tug, and if there is resistance it means a root system has developed. If there is no resistance, continue caring for the cutting and be patient; the roots will eventually come out. 


Njoy plants are pothos cultivars famous for their green and white leaf variegation. These climbing vines are low-maintenance plants native to East Asia, and thrive in bright, indirect light or partial shade. As with most plants, overwatering could lead to root rot. If you intend to propagate these plants, you can do so either in water or in potting mix. 

Image: istockphoto.com / Firn