9 Succulents for Office

Succulents add to the aesthetic features and charm of a home. Similarly, it is now a trend for modern office areas to include these plants as part of their interior design and decor. These plants enhance the atmosphere, put employees in a stress-free mode, and improve the quality of the air.  Succulents are also easy to care for and can even go weeks without being watered. 

Try some of these lovely succulents in your office.

Small Succulents 

1. Bird’s Nest 

9 Succulents for Office
Image: istockphoto.com / suriya silsaksom

Scientific name: Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii

Common names: Golden bird’s nest, golden hahnii, dwarf snake plant, dwarf mother-in-law’s tongue

Origin: Europe, India, Africa 

Size: six to seven inches 

This succulent plant features decorative bands of varying designs on its leaves. It grows as a dense rosette of dark green leaves. This small succulent plant rarely grows larger than seven inches and is ideal for small office spaces and as decor on desks and shelves. It tolerates low-light office areas and can even grow in a room with only fluorescent lights

2. Dwarf Jade Plant

9 Succulents for Office
Image: istockphoto.com / toeytoey2530

Scientific name:  Portulacaria afra 

Common names:  Elephant bush, elephant food, elephant plant, miniature jade, porkbush, spekboom, yellow rainbow bush, small leaf jade 

Origin: South Africa 

Size: six to eight inches

The dwarf jade plant is considered the ultimate office succulent since it has round, green, glossy leaves and a burgundy red stem that blends well with most office decors. This plant is also natural when shaped into classic bonsai shapes.

It resembles the jade plant but has rounder and smaller pads than the crassula ovate variety. It favors indirect sunlight near windows or low-light areas; if placed in very bright areas the leaves may become droopy. 

3. Lace Aloe

9 Succulents for Office
Image: istockphoto.com / Kateryna Bibro

Scientific name: Aristaloe aristata 

Common names:  Torch plant, bearded aloe, guinea fowl aloe, hardy aloe, bristle-tip 

Origin: Lesotho, South Africa 

Size: six inches

This small aloe plant features a lace-like leaf pattern, and its rich green leaves are decorated with small white spots. It can be placed in small work areas and thrives well in an office setting since it can survive even though it is rarely watered.

The plant needs direct light from a window or overhead office lights and won’t do well in low-light environments.

4. Zebra Cactus

9 Succulents for Office
Image: istockphoto.com / CoinUp

Scientific name: Haworthia fasciata/ Haworthia attenuata 

Common names: Zebra plant, zebra haworthia, haworthia zebra

Origin: South Africa 

Size: four inches 

This plant is related to aloe plants and belongs to the same subfamily. It has distinctive horizontal white stripes on the leaves and prefers bright light, but can thrive well in low-light areas. Zebra cactus is an ideal office desk plant because of its cute size and low light needs. 

Medium Succulents 

5. Dwarf Century Plant

9 Succulents for Office
Image: istockphoto.com / ben-bryant

Scientific name: Agave desmettiana variegata 

Common names: Variegated smooth agave, dwarf variegated agave, maguey, golden moments 

Origin: Mexico 

Size: two to three feet 

This plant is a quick-growing succulent that is very low maintenance and fits well in office areas. It has soft, spear-shaped, blue-green leaves that form into rosettes and is edged with golden yellow stripes. This succulent looks charming under night lighting and favors direct light by a window or bright overhead lights. 

6. Kalanchoe

9 Succulents for Office
Image: istockphoto.com / Denise Hasse

Scientific name: Kalanchoe luciae 

Common names: Variegated paddle plant, variegated desert rose, shaved ice 

Origin: Madagascar, Africa 

Size: two feet

This plant has large gray-green leaves, splashes of cream and white, and red highlights on its edges.  It adds color to any office nook but can also be placed near windows or in hallways. This succulent thrives well in both bright and low-light areas and also grows well in artificial lights.

7. Aloe Vera

9 Succulents for Office
Image: istockphoto.com / DAVIDJAMESSWANSON

Scientific name: Aloe barbadensis miller

Common names: Chinese aloe, Barbados aloe, burn aloe, Indian aloe, true aloe, first aid plant 

Origin:  Arabian peninsula 

Size:  six inches to three feet 

This plant is easy to maintain and thrives well in both bright light and low light areas. It looks beautiful in office corners or hallways; as it matures the leaves drape gracefully around the plant. It is known to purify formaldehyde and benzene from indoor office air. 

Large Succulents

8. Corn Plant

9 Succulents for Office
Image: istockphoto.com / Emilian Danaila

Scientific name:  Dracaena fragrans 

Common names:  Cornstalk dracaena, money tree, cornstalk, dracaena massangeana,  mass cane, happy plant

Origin: Africa 

Size:  six to eight feet 

Corn plants thrive well in low-light areas and indirect sunlight. They usually have leaves that are on the outer edges and yellow in the center, or leaves with yellow and green stripes on the edges and green in the center.  These large succulents have broad, glossy leaves and look great in reception areas or conference rooms. They remove formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene from office air. 

9. Ponytail Palm

9 Succulents for Office
Image: istockphoto.com / RenataKa

Scientific name:  Beaucarnea recurvata 

Common names:  Elephant’s foot palm, ponytail palm, elephant foot tree, bottle palm, palma culona, monja 

Origin: Southeastern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala 

Size:  15 to 18 feet 

This succulent plant is a member of the lily family. It has a slow growth rate and fits well in office spaces for a couple of years. The plant has lush, long, curly leaves and a sleek and bulb-like trunk. It is visually appealing and looks perfect in office hallways or reception areas.  

The plant’s height can be controlled depending on the size of the pot that you use. It prefers full bright light but can also thrive in low-light areas. 


Some succulents look great outdoors and in the garden while some varieties add beauty to homes or offices. The succulents for an office mentioned above each have a unique beauty and shape. Most of them thrive well in both bright and low-light areas.

These plants add visual appeal to office areas and hallways. Most importantly, they purify the office air and get rid of harmful compounds like formaldehyde, which can cause headaches and asthma.