23 Air plant display ideas for decorating home

Lets make a living decor using air plants to decorate your living room. These 23 air plants display ideas will help you to decorate your home using these unique plants.

Tillandsias, also known as air plants, are plants which doesn’t need any soil for its growth. Leaves of air plants absorb nutrients from air and water for its growth. Roots are for anchoring purpose only.

If you do not have air plants yet or wish to get more, these are the most popular at amazon:

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Before we jump into awesome display inspirations for air plants, lets learn how to care for air plants:

These indoor plants need special care and attention to grow indoor. It needs proper water, light, temperature and nutrients for its proper growth. This infographics will give you enough information for proper maintenance of this home decor.

How to care for air plants infographics

For simplicity, let us classify the air plant display ideas into 3 groups.

  • Wall Mount display ideas.
  • Hanging display ideas.
  • Table top display ideas.

Wall Mount Air plant display ideas

This is a form of indoor vertical gardening. Various decorative wall mount containers are available in market in different shapes. Fix the air plant in the container and then mount the entire decorative piece on the wall.

The below inspiration is wooden plank wall mount. Xerographica is the air plant is planted on it. Sea shell is used as a decorative piece in this display idea.

Xerographica wall display

In this inspiration, wall mount is prepared using sticks, arranged in the shape of a wreath. Air plants are planted on this. It can be mounted on the wall or on the doors as well.

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Use seashells as planter for your air plant decor. Fix a magnet on these shells and plant those air plants. Mount it on your refrigerator door as decor.

Air plants in shells

In this decorative piece, a wooden log is used as a planter.

Air plants in a driftwood

Mount spiral rings on the wall and use that as planter. Plant these unique plants on these rings.

Air plant terrarium with stand

Fix this glass tube on the wall, fill it with some pebbles and moss, then plant air plant in it.

Succulents in spherical orb

Hanging air plant display ideas

We can decorate home by hanging these air plants using various hangers. First lets fix some decorative hangers available in market then plant air plants on these hangers.

Hanging planter for air plants

Air plant holder with chain

This unique idea will help you to plant your air plants on a hanging chain from the ceiling of your bedroom or living room.

Metal planter on hanging chain

These jelly fish type decorative, hanging ideas can be used to decorate your living room. It will make a good contrast if your wall color is white.

Jellyfish-type planter mounted in the wall

In this idea, a metallic hanger is used to place air plant.

Metallic planter for air plants

Table Top air plant display ideas

Various decorative table top and desk top holders are available to plant your indoor air plants. Some of the display ideas are shown below.

Air plant in wood holder

Black metal hanger for ai plant

Spiral holder for your pots

Table Top glass terrariums to arrange air plants. Decorate it with colourful mosses and seashells to add beauty to your decorative piece.

Air plant glass terrarium

Make use of a throw away bulb and use it as a planter for air plant decor.

Lightbulb used as plant holder

Here you will see some colourful plant holders.

Colorful pots for succulents

Ceramic vase used as a planter for air plant display. Don’t forget to decorate this piece using attractive decors like pebbles and seashells.

3-tier plant holder for hanging plants

An air plant decor consisting of air plants, sea shells, mosses and pebbles. This decor gives a feeling of life under water.

Glass terrarium with pebbles and shells

Here, air plants are placed in glass jars. The color difference in filling gives this decor a classic touch.

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Another table top air plant display. Its simple and easy to try out.

Metal stand for air plants

An air plant terrarium. The holes in the glass globe lets enough air inside for the air plant to flourish.

Teardrop glass terrarium for small plants

Air plant planted inside a shell. A cute idea to try at your home.

Shell used as a holder for air plants

Here, an array of air plants are simply placed in a table top stand.

Plant holder rack for display

In the idea shown below, the beauty of this decorative piece is enhanced by planting air plants of different colors on it!!!

NIce wood stand for small plants

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  1. correct me if I am wrong; but if you put the air plant in the spiral wall holder do you have to take it out of the spiral holder to water. is an air plant the same as anything else it grows as big as the container it is in? I received air plants as a gift for my birthday so it is a learning experience and I want to know more

  2. Thanks for these wonderful ideas. I have a number of different air plants. They have the most interesting flowers. You have given me some marvellous ideas for a gift for a friend.


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