How to care for an Air Plant

Lets make a living decor using air plants to decorate your living room. These 23 air plants display ideas will help you to decorate your home using these unique plants.

Tillandsias, also known as air plants, are plants which doesn’t need any soil for its growth. Leaves of air plants absorb nutrients from air and water for its growth. Roots are for anchoring purpose only.

Before we jump into awesome display inspirations for air plants, lets learn how to care for air plants:

These indoor plants need special care and attention to grow indoor. It needs proper water, light, temperature and nutrients for its proper growth. This infographics will give you enough information for proper maintenance of this home decor.

How to care for air plants infographics

For simplicity, let us classify the air plant display ideas into 3 groups.

  • Wall Mount display ideas.
  • Hanging display ideas.
  • Table top display ideas.

4 thoughts on “How to care for an Air Plant”

  1. correct me if I am wrong; but if you put the air plant in the spiral wall holder do you have to take it out of the spiral holder to water. is an air plant the same as anything else it grows as big as the container it is in? I received air plants as a gift for my birthday so it is a learning experience and I want to know more

  2. Thanks for these wonderful ideas. I have a number of different air plants. They have the most interesting flowers. You have given me some marvellous ideas for a gift for a friend.


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