How To Make Succulents Grow Faster?

How To Make Succulents Grow Faster?

In general, succulents grow at a much slower rate than other plants. Do not think that there is anything wrong with your succulent if it is taking its time to grow.

The best way to help your plant reach its full potential is to make sure that you are planting it in the best soil for it. You should also make sure that the container you plant it in has holes at the bottom so the soil can drain properly. Give your plant enough sunlight and make sure you are supplying its soil with essential nutrients without waiting for all the nutrients to be gone.

As long as you cater to the needs of your succulent, it will grow well and fast.

How long does it take for a succulent to grow from a seed?

Growing a succulent from a seed is a long process. People who choose to do this probably just want to do it for the experience, since if all they wanted was the plant, they would have a much easier time using a leaf.

Succulent seeds will start to germinate between 10 to 14 days after you plant them. You should be able to observe tiny sprouts growing from the seed. Continue watering until you can see roots. This will be around the 4-week mark.

Once you see the root, you can transfer it into a pot. You can lessen the times you water your succulent because now it can continue absorbing the water that is in the wet soil.

How long will a propagated succulent take to root?

For most succulents, their fallen leaves will start to root only after a few weeks. This is why it will take you no time to have multiple pots of the same succulent– as long as it is propagating, all you really need to do is repot the leaves once they start getting roots.

How long does a succulent take to grow from a leaf?

If your friend gives you a succulent leaf to take home with you, you should see the roots start to come out after two weeks. You can plant it in a small pot as it grows. Within eight weeks, it should start sprouting new leaves and should be big enough to transfer to a larger pot. One of the signs you should watch out for is when the very first leaf you planted has turned brown and fallen off. This means that the plant has taken well to the soil and your care and is ready to thrive.

How long does a succulent take to grow from a stem?

This method is ideal for succulents that grow from a bush or have stems. A healed and repotted stem will start rooting after four weeks, as long as you give it enough water and sunlight.

When the leaves on the stem are looking juicy and plump, this means the new roots are working well at absorbing water for the new plant. Try to pull on the stem. If there is a slight resistance, that means the roots are anchored well in the soil.

How can I make my succulent grow faster?

The Right Pot

Succulents are so low maintenance that it is quite difficult to kill them through neglect. They are very resilient. One of the reasons succulents tend to die is because the pot they are planted in does not drain well. So make sure the succulent’s pot has holes at the bottom where the excess water can drain out.

Using ceramic pots can also be helpful because the material aids in sucking out any of the excess moisture. Just be sure you are also watering them enough so they do not dry out.

The Perfect Soil

Succulents love soil that has the nutrients that they need to survive, including nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium. You can buy commercial cactus or succulent mix, or make your own by mixing compost, garden soil, perlite or pumice, and sand.

The compost and garden soil will provide the nutrients, while the perlite and sand will ensure that the soil is aerated and porous and will drain water well.

Following a Watering Schedule

Succulents are desert plants, but that does not mean that you can neglect their water needs for long periods of time. All you need to know is that if the soil in the pot feels dry, you probably need to water your plant. Make sure that you only wet the soil surrounding the plant and do not pour water on the actual plant.

Do not overwater your plant because it will cause root rot and make your plant susceptible to pests and fungal problems.

Sufficient Light

Even though succulents originate from the desert, that does not mean that they need to be under light 24/7. Ideally, they only need around six hours of direct sunlight a day. If you cannot be counted on to remove your plant from under the sun every day, you can place the plant in a part of your house that is exposed to the sun in the morning, but is shaded in the afternoon.


Succulents do not grow as fast as most plants, and you should remember that not all succulents are the same. Each type of succulent requires a specific type of care. Make sure you do your own research about how to grow your succulent.

You can make succulents grow faster by raising them well and catering to their every need, such as planting them in the right pot and soil, watering them on a schedule, and making sure they get enough sunlight. If you are able to provide these basic needs, your succulents will grow much faster.

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