7 Moss garden ideas to bring nature inside home

Are you looking for ways to bring nature inside home and at the same time decorate your home? Indoor moss garden is an ideal option to try this out. Its green colour will entice your neighbours or friends and light up your home as well.

You probably love going into the woods to watch many trees covered in moss. Then you keep wondering how beautiful it will look to grow an indoor moss in your home. Growing moss in your garden or in a terrarium is the simplest and elegant way of creating a miniature forest. This will give your home a perfect natural decoration.

How to make an indoor moss terrarium

Making an indoor moss terrarium is a fun do it yourself (DIY) for parents and kids together at home. Here are few steps to follow:

Step 1: You can create an indoor moss terrarium with a clear glass container. Choose a wide and shallow one. A wide terrarium jar or mason jar with a lid is an ideal choice. The size is depends on space available, location and budget.

Step 2: Create a bottom layer with small rocks and pebbles. This helps for proper drainage and avoids creating a swamp inside the container.  Top the pebbles up with an handful of granulated charcoal. Collect it  from pet stores or aquarium stores.

Step 3: Once topped with granulated charcoal, you can then add a couple of inches of potting soil. Push down the potting soil to make a good base for moss growth. Mist up this soil with clear water using a mister or sprayer.

Step 4:  Now top up the base with some tree branches, rotten barks or pine needles. Mosses love these and grows fast. Rough rocks are another option to grow mosses. Use your creativity and aesthetic sense to arrange all these to create a miniature woodlands.

Step 5: Collect sheets of mosses from neighbourhood woodlands if you have any. Don’t worry if you are living in an urban environment; look for some moss terrarium kits online. You can also buy moss separately from garden centers.

Step 6: Arrange the moss sheets on top of rocks, barks and sticks placed inside your terrarium. Press it firmly into rocks and soil to make sure it gets attached to those.


  • Do not over water your moss terrarium. Always use a mister or sprayer to water your indoor moss garden.
  • Do not keep it under direct sunlight, some moss only needs few hours of sunlight for proper growth.
  • Moss doesn’t need any fertilisers.

It’s easy to nurture an indoor moss garden, since it requires little or no moisture and light.  However you must keep the surface of the moss moist for couple of days in a week. You may place the moss garden close to sunlight for two hours a day or place the moss garden under a fluorescent lamp. Make  sure this lamp stands at about 12 inches above the container.

How to use moss as a decor?

When placed indoors, a moss can beautify and transform a home from within. There are various options available for decorating home using moss.

1. Table top moss terrarium

Having a table top moss terrarium can fill up your home with greenery; that too in a very limited space.

2. Moss wall decor

Making a moss wall is another time consuming but elegant option to decorate your living space. A lot of expertise is required to grow moss vertically on the wall. You need to limit the growth to certain area, instead it will grow all over your wall to create more mess.

3. Kokedama moss ball garden

This is another option to decorate home using moss. This is a form of Japanese gardening which adds beauty to your living room and at the same time, helps you to practice small gardening.

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4. Moss Graffiti

Doing art on the wall using moss is called moss graffiti. This is good option to try outdoor than indoor.

5.Floor decors using moss

Use creative containers to grow moss and place it as a decor on your pavement.

6. Zen Garden

Making a zen garden is another option to bring moss into your garden. This can be tried both both indoor and outdoor. If you would like to know more about zen gardens, check out our article: miniature zen garden inspirations.

7.Holiday decors:

If its holiday season you can use moss to decorate your home.

How to take care of moss indoor?

Moss is different from normal plants, thus they don’t need heavy watering.  They requires only moistening, and that too only a couple of days a week, to keep the surface of the moss wet. Make sure you do not expose the moss garden to direct sunlight. Some species of mosses need very little sunlight. Here you get a complete guide of growing moss indoor from gardeningknowhow.com.

Moss is quite inspirational, especially for those who appreciate the gift of nature. Moss does not grow rapidly and it can survive varying weather conditions on its own. A perfect choice for your indoor small garden!!!

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