Potting Pebbles for Succulents

Potting Pebbles for Succulents

Take your succulents to a whole new level by enhancing the visual presentation with potting pebbles. These pebbles make the plants stand out and also add to their aesthetic value. 

What are natural decorative potting pebbles?

Natural decorative potting pebbles are perfect for flower arrangements and succulent containers.  These pebbles have no toxic chemicals added which make them safe choices for plants and the environment. They also come in natural shapes and colors that enhance the aesthetic features of your succulents. 

Do not use moss as a top dressing for your succulents. It traps moisture and encourages fungi or bacteria growth, whereas potting pebbles are perfect for your plants. Be sure to avoid non-porous rocks like river rocks, pea gravel, fish rock, sand and glass marbles. Other ideal top dressings aside from potting pebbles include pumice, shale and surface. 

Benefits of potting pebbles for succulents

1. They provide drainage. 

Potting pebbles help achieve a fast-draining soil for succulents. Mixing succulent soil with potting pebbles allows the soil to have a water exit point so that excess water drains easily and will leave nothing but the necessary moisture. Succulents may develop growth problems like dark spots on leaves and stems if excess water stays at the bottom of the pot. 

2. They serve as a root anchor. 

Most plants establish stability with soil, but the roots of succulents become more stable and rigid when they are anchored on pebbles.  Succulents grow naturally and healthily when they have pebbles to hold on to and also provide strength.

3. They provide aesthetic value.

Succulents look more enticing with the added beauty of the potting pebbles. However, be sure to pick pebbles in a color that will compliment the color of your succulents. Also, consider the size and shape of the potting pebbles with the plants to maximize the aesthetic effects. 

How to prepare potting pebbles

First, clean the pebbles thoroughly. 

See to it that the potting pebbles are clean before putting them in the pots. Soak them in water for a few hours to soften the soil and kill any elements that stick to the pebbles. It is important to do this if you reuse pebbles from another pot. Mix some liquid soap with the water, wash the pebbles thoroughly and rinse with clean water. 

Pour the pebbles into the pot.

Once the pebbles are cleaned, you can place them in the pot and pour them about an inch thick.  This will help with the drainage system of the soil mix. If your pot has drainage holes, consider the size of the pebbles.  You may need a mesh over the holes if the pebbles are smaller to prevent them from slipping through the holes. 

Fill the rest of the pot with a fast-draining soil mix and plant the succulents in the soil. Add another layer of pebbles around the succulents for that final touch. Make sure that the soil still has plenty of air so it can breathe and do not put in too many pebbles.

Common brands of potting pebbles for succulents

Small River Pebbles 

This brand provides all-natural and non-toxic potting pebbles for succulents and other potted plants.  The pebbles are pre-rinsed so they are safe to use. They come in vibrant colors that add aesthetic value and are ideal for indoor and outdoor gardens. 

Mexican Beach Pebbles 

These natural potting pebbles are from Baja, California, and are commonly used for landscaping projects because of their perfect size and color.

Other must-try natural decorative potting pebbles for succulents:


Taking care of succulents provides stress relief and adds beauty to homes and gardens. These plants are easy to care for and can withstand high temperatures since they can store water in their leaves and stems. Potting pebbles add aesthetic value to succulents and allow them to stand out. These pebbles also provide drainage and root anchor so the plants will grow naturally and healthily. 

Image: istockphoto.com / joloei

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