Succulents in the Bathroom

Succulents in the Bathroom
Image: / Inna Fetjukova

Succulents are among the hardiest plants, recognized for their ability to grow in what would otherwise be inhospitable environments for other plants.

But can you place succulents inside the bathroom? The short answer is yes, you can place succulents in the bathroom but some succulents will thrive there more than others.

Bathroom is not suitable for all plants

When people bring plants indoors to beautify spaces, the bathroom is often the last place they think of.

And there are a few important reasons why. For starters, Most bathrooms receive little to no sunlight. Even the most popular indoor plants require some hours of sunlight daily.

Second, bathrooms have high humidity. Placed in areas with both high humidity and temperature, some plants cannot remain cool. This is simply because the combination of both factors inhibits a plant’s ability to cool itself by transpiration, a process by which plants eliminate water through its cell.

Which succulents are suitable for bathroom?

Of course, for every rule, there are a few exceptions. 

There are a few plants that not only tolerate high humidity and low light conditions. There are plants that actually thrive in such conditions.

These include tropical plants like ferns, air plants, and ferns. But how about succulents?

Succulents are popular, especially among new collectors because these plants require relatively minimal care. Although there are some species that cannot survive the humidity and low light conditions inside the bathroom, there is a handful that you should strongly consider adding to your shortlist of plants to grow in your bathroom.

1. Snake plant

Snake plants
Image: / serezniy

Also known as the mother-in-law plant, the snake plant ranks as one of the more popular succulents, especially among beginners.

And there are a few reasons why. For one, the plant is virtually indestructible and seems to thrive in benign neglect.

This succulent grows in low light conditions, making it one of the best indoor plants. Furthermore, it doesn’t require too much watering, much less than other succulents in fact.

If these reasons are not good enough, there is one more benefit that this plant offers: it helps purify the air. The snake plant converts CO2 into oxygen while removing harmful chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde.

In the bathroom, a snake plant will not need much watering because it has the ability to get moisture from humidity.

2. Echeveria

Image: / fotojv

A native of Central America, the echeveria is another popular succulent grown indoors. The plant is available in various shapes and colors. Plus, it is also non-toxic to animals.

Like the snake plant, echeveria can absorb carbon dioxide and harmful toxins from the air. 

The plant is easy to care for. Like most succulents, it dislikes excess moisture and needs a fast-draining soil. Check your echeveria from time to time to keep a mealybug infestation in check.

3. Aloe vera

Aloe Vera
Image: / Denise Hasse

Low light and high humidity? That is no problem for the aloe vera which thrives in such conditions.

Although the aloe vera requires more sunlight than the other two succulents, it can fare well in bathrooms with sills and windows that face the east.

Like the snake plant and echeveria, this succulent helps purify the air. But more than that, the plant is an excellent remedy for both dry skin and sunburn, making it the perfect addition to practically any bathroom.

Decorating the bathroom with plants

Apart from humidity and low lighting conditions, another issue you need to deal with before bringing plants into your bathroom is the small space available inside.

Here are a few tips that will help you work around this problem.

Choose smaller plants

You do not need to bring big plants into your bathroom to make a huge visual impact. Sometimes, small gets the job done.

Smaller plants are perfect for small spaces like niches, shelves, and countertops. They also pair well with planters.

Make space

You do not have to renovate your whole bathroom to make room for your bathroom plants. To make extra space for your indoor plants, some ingenuity can go a long way. Consider using a stool as a platform for pots or simply leave a few pots on the floor. If you have a tub with a wide ledge, you can also put smaller pots there. You can even use a shower caddy to create additional space.

Rearrange your bathroom

It may seem that you no longer have space in your bathroom but if you look around closely, you can make a few adjustments. For example, you can use baskets and storage bins to hold a few bathroom essentials, giving you extra room for your new plants.

An easy way to brighten up your bathroom

For the most part, people think of the bathroom as a utilitarian space. Go inside, do your business, and then you are done. But because bathrooms often have a monochromatic adding a touch of green can give life to what may seem like an otherwise drab space. And for this task, succulents are the perfect candidate.

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